Jess Adler Illustration
I am a third year Illustration student at Falmouth University and I post my work (old and new) here.
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  • IT LIVES! My website is now (sort of) live! You can find it at Exciting times. Much faffing about  will happen. Keep your eyes peeled for more social networking-y type things coming soon, and more new work also!

    The actually paper cut of the last thing I posted. This got just slightly abandoned because it was tiny and fiddly, but I like the idea at least.

    A quick experiment from an earlier project on papercutting (and eventually imitation paper cuts!)

    Meet Ben and Tig, the two main characters of a story I have written and am trying to illustrate at the moment. Using my frenden brushes to add texture, and I am in love, they are making my life so much easier.

    Obviously not a finished artwork or anything, but this is the visual for the Falmouth Students Quotes book. Look out for the finished Artwork in the Future. 

    Some close up details of the Et Cetera Zine image I posted a little while ago.


    Cat has considered his work/life balance and has concluded that the most important thing is to enjoy the journey.

    This is my mum’s blog, about my cat. You should follow it.